The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn

I have been mostly staying true to my promise of trying to rekindle my long extinguished book worm fire by reading before I fall asleep at nights. I don’t read every night but on an average of 3 or so nights a week I jump into bed with a good book. The first was Japan: An Illustrated History and since then I have branched off into other books covering various non Japan related topics.

the ghost in the tokaido inn book cover

After also dabbling with the Otaku Encyclopedia I decided that its time I get back some Japan related reading material and through research discovered the Samurai Mysteries series that I thought I’d dive into starting with the first book called The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn. I am looking forward to reading about and learning Japanese cultural and historical references and also as a mystery lover follow the adventures of Judge Ooka who is touted as the Japanese Sherlock Holmes.

Book Synopsis

In eighteenth-century Japan, 14-year-old Seikei is a merchant’s son with secret dreams of becoming a samurai. Although his status in society restricts him from doing anything more than following in his father’s footsteps, Seikei has both the resolve and temperament of a wise, brave warrior. On a stopover at the Tokaido Inn, Seikei witnesses a legendary ghost stealing a jewel belonging to a samurai. His bravery in saving a falsely accused guest earns Seikei the respect of Judge Ooka, who hires Seikei to help him investigate the crime and solve the mystery. With a sharply authentic voice and an adeptly plotted story that progresses from the haunting ghost legend to the dark, volatile world of a traveling kabuki show, this mystery builds with stirring intrigue and plays out to a most satisfying conclusion. Rich with atmosphere and details that teach much of the Japanese culture, this is a fine selection for any YA collection.

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I also have the 2 follow up books to this one but I’ll leave those for separate posts. Anybody familiar with this series? Buy The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn on Amazon.