The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Review

As I started to say in my last post The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift combines many of my interests into one and so for months I have I have been following up this movie and gathering information about it and I watched on the day it opened in Jamaica with a bunch of friends that were also excited to check it out. So far it is the best movie I have watched this summer (yes I know I am biased) but other films that interest me will be out soon mainly Superman: Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.


After watching once I loved it so much that I watched it at the theatre again last weekend, but now onwards to the review.

Sean Boswell is a hot headed troublesome American teenager with a very think southern accent. He lives a troubled life after his parent were separated from a very young age. He moves around a lot and his recent foray into the world of street racing has made things worse for him and his mother. His last chance to avoid Juvenile jail lies with his father who is an Soldier of the US army based in Tokyo Japan. Soon after arriving in Japan he discovers the underground racing scene but this is a different type of racing all together and in just his first run gets himself rapped up in all kinds of trouble involving a beautiful female and the local Mafia or Yakuza.

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Admitidly the story is a little bland and is yet another remix of boy mets girl, boy likes girl, boy gets in trouble for girl, boy goes through a tonne load of bullshit and in the end gets girl. My favoutite actor in the film is an anti hero kind of character named Han. I think he plays his role to the highest degree of perfection.


As it related to eyecandy involving cars and girls there is no shortage of it and the music in the movie really gets the right mix of Japanese infuenced hip hop, reggaeton and more. My next post will be about the excellent soundtrack and the lyrics of one of the the songs by the teriyaki boys.

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10 thoughts on “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Review

  1. me encanta han creo q su papel en tokio drift lo hizo muy bien es un chamo q no le importa nada pocas palabras y obyiene lo q kiere es unico su estilo…………lo adoro

  2. Is was the best film ever [jamaica] But the start was not so good [sad] But the first race, was very good. The film there from was good. [smile]

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