Step 2+ Exam Results

Went to class yesterday to pick up my grades and it turns out that I have scored almost the same as I did on the step 2 exam on the 2+ exam. My average is still at 75% and was commended on my oral skills during the interview and was told that I have a good accent and that I spoke more fluently than my classmates who usually paused in mid sentense while thinking about what they wanted to say. I received the highest marks for my oral skills but my written grades were not so high and I have lots of work to do in writing, comprehension, grammar etc.

My 2 classmates passed with similar grades and Tomoko sensei read from her notebook the areas she thought that each of us were lacking in and how she would go about improving those areas and what each of us must do to help the learning process.

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We then went through the written exam paper and it felt good reading out loud the questions and answering the questions in Japanese and I couldn’t help but think about all the progress I’ve made. We got home work to just write about our friends and family in Japanese. Summer classes start on July 18th and I think I will be participating and brushing up and what I didn’t quite grasp this term.