Step 2+ exam over

Yesterday I made my way after work to the Language Training Centre for my step 2+ Japanese exam. Well I feel the same way I did when I took the step 2 exam but I think i might have done a little better in the Interview than last time. The written exam was a bitch and my head felt conjested as I tried to rmember different Kanji, conjugations and even a few hiragana characters.Next Tuesday will be the day when I find out my results along with my other 2 classmates and three of us think that our grades can go either way.

Next Tuesday will also be the day that we decide on our plan for summer classes, which days would be best for us and the cost.
I checked out Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift yesterday after the Exam and was blown away by the movie. It combines most of my interests (Japan, music, girls and cars) into one (sexy) package and I love it so much that I’ll be watching it again over the weekend. Look out for my full review next week. I plan to enjoy the weekend and then brace myself for the exam results on Tuesday.