Japanese Class Recap – May 2006

I have now decided to post monthly updates of Japanese classes instead of an update every few classes as I think the information will flow better ad there will be more elaboration without too much repetition.

There is nothing really new that happened in class throughout May, It seems that only the serious people have remained to study Japanese as my class has dwindled down from 8 people to to now only 3. Many persons have gotten rather busy with pre summer activities mainly end of year exams in other areas of study and so the fall in attendance is somewhat understandable.

Revision on step 2 material has been going well and I have been understanding important basic topics more and more as well as getting used to speaking and using various adjectives and verbs.

I have also managed to acquire a very useful set of audio cds by Pimsleur. I find the cds very useful and I use them reinforce what is discussed in class as well as to expand my vocabulary.