Japanese Summer classes

Ah yes, its been so long since my last update on Japanese class, why is this so must be the question that pops into your mind after reading that. Lets just say I am pass the happy=go-lucky or easy stages of the language and its not that my interest is going its just that its been getting so much harder and I have been having less and less fresh brain time to study Japanese. Fresh brain time are those times during the day when I am bursting with energy and excited about whatever task currently in front of me. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I recently got a promotion at work and my work load has basically tripled. No more tones of free time to spend an hour or two before or after completing my daily tasks at work to spend studying Japanese, because now my tasks take longer to complete and I have multiple tasks over lapping and various deadlines almost every day! So there goes my free professionally minded time at work sitting upright at a desk and focused at whatever task I am doing for example studying Japanese. So I am forced to try and study at home in my room which usual fails when my bed attracts me (to sleep that is ^_^), my little sister attacks me or my brain is not retaining anything due to fatigue. The result is, I suck more than usual at Japanese because I have not been revising much and so this my first week of summer classes (which are now Mondays and Wednesday after work again) have been spent..you guessed it..revising!

So what will I do? I will make an extra extra extra extra effort to start posting more class logs and Japanese learning posts here (heck that was the main reason I created this blog) so look forward to at least two or more a week. Wish me luck!