My letter to all Japanese verbs – Part 1

Japanese verbs ooh how evil arth thou, you sound so cool prior to conjugation in your dictionary form, your masu form and progress tense form is not so much trouble either but it’s when the time comes for your multitude of other forms such as potential, desire, order, passive, advice and reason forms just to name a few that your diabolical nature comes to the forefront at attacks my brain, tempting me to swallow that hand grenade .ok, let me end the letter there.^_^ for now… to be continued

4 thoughts on “My letter to all Japanese verbs – Part 1

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  2. I sympathise with you. But it is just a matter of practice. desyo?
    so far for today!!
    from a native Japanese

  3. Word…to everything you just said ’bout verbs :P. All languages seem so simple and so easy to say "I get it!" until conjugation comes, haha. Hang in there man and I shall try too ;)

  4. I feel your pain.
    The native above forgot the potential (as far as i can see- I hate romaji). Potential is the biggest mofo there is. Potential sits on her big ass throne and laughs at all us mortals trying to understand her.

    Thus is the potential.

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