Interesting sites and blogs entry 4

DriverTV – If there ever was a full featured site on the internet that could be described as a “car enthusiast’s heaven” this would be it. Driver TV provides information of most of the popular consumer car models currently available and although a couple models are missing the specs, prices, movies, photos etc are are all current and of the highest quality (albeit for the US market). I found it very interesting and although most of the cars on the site I will almost never own, it does hurt to dream, yes dreaming of rolling through the countryside in a Audi A8 ^_^.

Q-Taro Blog – Surfed into this gem through and been enjoying going the various posts especially the photo gallery. Q-Taro is the personal site of a guy named Roy, his bio on his site is hilarious is worth the read. He says he has had no formal photography training but i think his photos are well taken. Be sure to check out the site.

Fresh Logic Studios Atlas – There are lots of atlas sites popping up these days but this on is one of the best I have come across. Easily navigated with excellent and relevant tools such as the ability to search for just about anywhere in the world you want to see. Check out the map of Jamaica below with just about every significant city, town or village represented. Then if you are from Jamaica zoom into Kingston and search for various landmarks (I found my house!)


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