School Dissapointment

After the first 2 weeks of starting evening school I am frustrated. Luckily I followed my mind and decided to try out the school before I paid the hefty tuition fee. I have decided that they don’t deserve my money, they are unprepared, understaffed and just plain tacky and I don’t think I could pay over thousands of dollars of my hard earned money only to be unhappy with the services being provided. It was a chore not only to find which room I was supposed to be at whichever time but there were days when I had no teacher, had a teacher but no room and there was one day when I had two teachers!…who both seem as confused as the students wondering how the mix up happened. The distance and traffic situation was also a factor as after a long days work I had to contend with crazy people on the road and on the buses to get to class, and when I got there I was tired most times.

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So much for going to school and doing a para-legal associate degree for now, the private school plan has been scrapped but I have gotten word of a government school, closer to my workplace and home that has a similar program. I’ll be applying there and starting in January…if everything goes as planned.


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4 thoughts on “School Dissapointment

  1. hmmm mi nuh have nuttn fi seh bout dis ya one ya. wait a lie, mi haffi seh someting. maybe this is a good development; i had thought the place had good ratings based on previous reports. maybe things have gone downhill. i agree with ur decision on the basis of quality of service. i don’t agree with the time and distance crap story tho since if the place was all the way in papine or on the other side of hwt but was still good u shud make the sacrifice. nothing comes easy and usually the easier it comes the easier it goes.

    So January then? wat happens in jan if u also decide hmmm i dont like this place, the a/c doesnt work or the bulbs are flashing and distracting me or some other flaw? how much are u prepared to give up in order to get out?!

    i will continue this lecture on the fone so wen u see my number calling mek sure u answer!!!

  2. KD sounds about right, lol. But sympathies at the nasty organisation… how they manage to end up with two teachers for the same course?? And no teacher sometimes… rubbish! You should get good service for your money. And this is school we talking bout. No replacement for good, solid education.

    Hope everything works out for January. Hope also that you realise that it takes a while to find the school rhythm, esp. when working… it takes a nice, long while to feel comfortable with it.

    I really looking forward to the challenge and the war over who should keep rights to the (planned) conquer of the known world, tho, so hurry up and get to that :)

  3. Luckily you have a trial period before you plonk down thousands in school fees.

    It sure isn’t easy to further our studies while working full-time. It takes "super-human" effort and 200% committments to pull through.

    Hope everything works out for you in January.

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