Heroes Season 3 Premiere

After a long wait the third season of Heroes premiered last night on NBC with a double episode. Season 3 of heroes picks up right where season 2 left off and sets the base for a lot of surprises this season and now I have a reason to look forward to Monday nights again! I have downloaded and re-watched the episode a couple times and snapped a few stills that have been added to the Heroes section of the Gallery. Here are a few:

HRG continues to be a main character

Hiro Nakamura’s “adventures” continue

ooh my…I wonder who is trying to fondle her brains? ^-^

Did you watch the premiere last night?

Heroes Official Site

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  1. any idea where it can be streamed….sidereel is my site but recently because of copyright infringement i’m sure…the links have been removed T_T

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