Must See TV of 2008

Now that’s a misleading post title in i ever read one. My “list” of Must see TV shows of 2008 isn’t really a list at all it’s just one show! My blogging friend and fellow otaku Sanjo-chan tagged me in a meme and while her TV show list is impressive…mine isn’t -_-. I am now realizing that I don’t watch many programs that can be described as TV shows much anymore, a one stray episode here or there, a couple series premiers but nothing that keeps me interested like…you guess it…Heroes!

Heroes season 3 starting with a bang!

It seems all I watch on TV is Heroes, English premiere league, Xplay, world news and a mixture of geeky or informative programs like naked science and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. In closing i’ll tag fellow yardie bloggers Stunner and Taylor, looking forward to read their lists.

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3 thoughts on “Must See TV of 2008

  1. I pretty much watch mostly anime which means i rarely watch any tv except for a few. I would recommend….CSI if u don’t already watch it. I won’t bother to mention Smallville…instead i Supernatural. There are no superowered humans…but two demon hunting brothers bent on revenge battling fierce creatures with differenr abilities….folklore coming to life….its like cocaine….not that i’d no what thats like [O_o!]

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