Portland Revisited – Rio Grande + Scatter Falls

So last Sunday I took advantage of my monthly opportunity to escape the big city and boarded a bus along with dozens of other photographers for our usual trip – this time we revisited Portland, a beautiful, natural, green and water filled parish that is a nature photographers wet-dream. Previous photography related posts such as my visit to Somerset Falls took place in Portland.

Portland is probably the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica

The plan was to visit some of the old railway stops along our route as we headed to the Rio Grande valley. To be completely honest the overgrown, under-kept stations weren’t very interesting but our aim was to get photos of them before they are completely destroyed and remind Jamaicans how wonderful our railway system used to be before it’s demise in the early 1990’s . Plans are underway to revive the rail network and rail travel in Jamaica, who knows maybe one day we’ll see a Shinkansen-like train here in Jamaica? While I dream you can check out the video embedded below.

Can’t see the video above? Email and feed subscribers click here to view it on Youtube and subscribe while you are there. A small selection of shots from the day can be seen below. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed trekking through the woods to capture them! In Jamaica and want to join us? Join the group by clicking here. More photos on Flickr

Why are goats so photogenic?
Jamaica! Jamaica!
couldn’t get good pics of “Scatter Falls” but an informal guide showed us this beauty called “Top Falls”
borrowed a friend’s 50mm 1.4 and got crazy taking high aperture pics
some say anteater, I say elephant, what say you?
walking barefoot through the jungle increased my macho level