jaPODCAST – 3: Japanese contests and Marc Interview

On this episode I will highlight the winners of the Japanese Hiragana Bundle contest I recently hosted on my blog, provide information about the Wasabi Japan speech contest and invite you to check out an awesome interview I did with Marc Mundy – a Jamaican Jet living in Japan for a year.

  • Intro
  • Japanese Hiragana Bundle and Winners
    • Congrats to Priscilla (@MyLovsARevolver) and Rine (@by_rine_chan)
    • Support The Japan Shop!
    • Look out for my upcoming review of the Japanese Hiragana Bundle
  • Wasabi Japan speech contest
    • my blog post about the contest
    • Sign up and enter now!
    • Feel free to give me pointer on my entry! The topic I received was “My Dream”
  • Marc Mundy Interview
  • Outro
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