jaPODCAST – 2: Travel tips for first-time visitors to Japan

In this episode of the jaPODCAST I will be sharing 9 travel tips for first-time visitors to Japan. So if you are visiting Japan very soon, plan to go to Japan in the near future or just dreaming of Japan like I used to then this episode is for you! These tips were all discovered and used during my trip to Japan in late 2011 so I hope they prove useful!

  • Intro
    • 9 Travel tips for first-time visitors to Japan
      1. Social Media
      2. Japan Rail Pass
      3. Go outside Tokyo
      4. Go outside the regular attractions
      5. Learn some Japanese
      6. Travel in a group
      7. Be organized
      8. Use Travel Apps
      9. Take gifts from your country
  • Outro
  • Music –Β Travelling – Paper Lions
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