Wasabi Japanese Speech Contest

Wasabi Japanese is a new service launched recently that provides online lessons with native speakers of Japanese at a very affordable rate. In commemoration of their launch they are having a Japanese speech contest where a lucky winner (members and non-members may enter) can win a trip to Japan.

wasabi japanese lessons
Tutors are trained senior citizens living in rural areas of Japan

Entries are welcomed in the form of 4-6 minute videos where entrants will be given a particular topic to speak about in Japanese and evaluated on content, language skill and delivery. Applications can be sent in now until August 15th and full information can be found at the following link – Wasabi Japanese Speech Contest. While on their website check out a very useful list worksheets that could prove valuable to Japanese learners of all levels.

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Tutor receiving training from Wasabi

Tweet me @Jamaipanese if you plan to enter! I am considering entering myself.