One Love Jamaica Festival 2008 – Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

From the pictures and write up in the Jamaica Observer last year’s One Love Jamaica festival was a success. While browsing through a few Japan related blogs I realized that it was time again for the One Love Jamaica festival this year and it was on the 17th and 18th of May. Fellow Nintendo fan Sid aka Electric Pig attended at wrote about the event on his blog. Mallocup of irubyourbrog also blogged about the event and from reading your posts I can tell it was a success.

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Electric Pig Post Exerpt

A section of Sids post made me laugh out loud after reading it. I thought I’d share it with you.

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Walking through the stalls, we stopped at the hilarious “Speak like a Jamaican” stand, organised by the Jamaican Embassy people. Here, an “authentic” Jamaican was teaching Japanese people how to speak Jamaican. It was brilliant, like a wierd version of one of my lesson’s, with all the embarrassment factor of when one of the elderly teachers asks you to teach the kids “something youthful” and ends up greeting you as “blud” for the rest of your time in the school. The Jamaican teacher was shouting out:

“Repeat after me: Wha gwarn?!” The crowd shout back: “Eeto Huwa guwarnu?” Brilliant.


11 thoughts on “One Love Jamaica Festival 2008 – Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

  1. @ Niel and Billy…i’ll try to catch the event next year and post about it "before" it beginds so you guys inJapan can go and send me pictures!

    @ Lauriston…you can go with me!

    @ Marketing…and eat jerk chicken!

  2. Looks like it was alot of fun! Soulja Boy and some other rappers were also out here. They might still be here. No A listers though. Kanye, TI, Snoop, and Game have all been out here, but they aren’t really A listers like that. I guess I have to hold my breath for Jay-Z and 50.

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