Jamaica’s Prime Minister Interviewed on HARDtalk

I just watched an interview with Prime Minister Bruce Golding on HARDtalk, an interview talkshow on the BBC. Just watching the program alone took me through various types of emotions and I would even say mental states. Why is it that certain programs always dig at the negative news and information only? It is for that same reason I started a website called Jamaicapage.com even before I started this blog to focus more of the POSITIVE news and information that happens in Jamaica. I am sure I have referred to posts there in the past.

Prime Minister of Jamaica – Bruce Golding

Mr golding handled himself well and I must comment him for standing up the the tough questions related to the economic situation in Jamaica, crime and violence and human rights. It’s not a matter of political affiliation as I have never voted before and I consider myself politically neutral. I have always admired Mr Golding’s ability to keep his composure and tone, speaking clearly while getting his point across with subtle gestures. I salute you Mr Golding…you are an inspiration.

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4 thoughts on “Jamaica’s Prime Minister Interviewed on HARDtalk

  1. I watched it too on youtube.com and I agree with you, all the programme focused on was the negatives and especially attacking our stance on homosexuality. He did a decent job in his responses, may not be the best, but decent,

  2. My guess is that negative information puts fear into people’s heart thus making the media more profitable. Selling through fear has always been easier. Also, most people find negative information more entertaining thus more people will watch it.

  3. Congrats Mr. Golding! He did a great job, not only did he handle himself well but stayed true to not only his beliefs but the laws of the land and of God! There are so many places that are "Gays only" – cruises, resorts etc. Are they condemned by heterosexuals for this? Do we beg to be included in their way of life? Why should they try to impose their way of life on us? Many persons nowadays tend to forget that God is against such acts and if they insist on continuing with their gay life ; they can… keep it to themselves…..don’t introduce it to us or expect us to accept it!

  4. I am so happy that our prime minister stood up for what jamaicans believe in. In no way are we telling persons how to live but we are asking them to obey the LAWS of the country. What they do in private is none of our business but when they bring their private lives in the public eye that is just unacceptable. We are in no way telling homosexual what to do! so why are they forcing their way of living on us. We LOVE our culture,our people and we want our country to remain the same.

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