No Surprise, Japan is one of the safest countries in the World

The Global Peace Index or GPI is a yearly ranking of countries via various peace indicators. The list is compiled by and ranks grades countries on everything from yearly murder rate to relations with neighboring countries and even military expenditure as a percentage of a countries gross domestic product.

Japan is ranked as the fifth most peaceful country in the world right behind Iceland, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand and is followed by Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg and Austria – which completes the top 10.

Where is Jamaica on the list?

Out of the 140 countries ranked in 2008 Jamaica is all the way down at number 96, I’ll be honest no surprise there. The surprise though came when I realized that we are ranked higher that the United States and Caribbean neighbors Trinidad and Tobago who are grappling with a series of child murders recently – the most recent being an 8 year old…very very sad.