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My J-Blogger pal Ree-san introduced me to an interesting blogging meme started by Tripbase called called My 7 Links where bloggers share seven links in a variety of categories such as most “beautiful post” and “surprisingly successful post”. Ree-san’s 7 links entry was quite interesting so I have put together my own seven links that I want to share as well as nominate 5 of my blogger pals to take part with their own post, be sure to read the rules. So enough of my rambling check out My 7 links below, looking forward to your comments so after reading please leave one!

Most beautiful post – 6 Nostalgic Anime Openings from the 90′s

Long before I knew what “anime” were there were a few shows that had me racing home after school or waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch. Eventually I learnt about anime as I discovered my interest in Japan and this beautiful post was inspired by a geekgasm I survived after hearing the opening music for Gundam Wing for the first time in a few years. I went searching for some other memorable anime openings from the same period and the post 6 Nostalgic Anime Openings from the 90′s was born. I still visit this post every now and again to experience a nostalgic high that always seems to improve my mood. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, feel free to sign along.

Most popular post – Operation Visit Japan

Its one thing to like something, wish for something and hope one day do something but without that first step you will be forever hoping, wishing and dreaming. I always thought of visiting Japan as a big mountain that I would have a limited chance of traversing. Being a Japan blogger since 2006 and enthusiast long before that made all my reading, research and interest in Japan like a emotional rollercoaster ranging from excitement to depression and everything in-between. I took that first step, split a big task into tiny pieces giving birth to Operation Visit Japan, and despite a few challenges along the way I’m happy to say I’ll be visiting Japan in September.

Most controversial post – State of Emergency in Kingston

I try my best to avoid political or controversial topics on this blog but in May last year the capital city of Kingston and all of Jamaica was spinning out of control as the United States filed an extradition request for Christopher “Dudus” Coke – a well known local businessman who is also alleged to be a drug and gun don. The 9 months prior to the unrest saw pressure being heaped on the ruling political party by the oposition, the US, local media and most Jamaicans. It all came to a head eventually and after days of fighting, dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in damages Mr Coke was extradited, but up to this day the dust has yet to settle on the matter and something tells me there is more to come.

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Most helpful post – A big fat list of Japan-related Youtube channels

Ahh yes, Youtube, the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century where you go to learn or watch videos of just about anything your heart desires. Japan is something my little heart desires (no surprise) so all your Japan related channels belong to me! Well not really, but I thought I’d create a list of some of my favourite Japan-related Youtube Channels and as I added channels it grew and grew to what it is now. Know of a cool Youtube channel about Japan that is not on the list? Leave a comment on the post with a link to it and while you are at it, won’t you subscribe to on Youtube? Lots of video goodies are coming, I promise.

Surprisingly successful post – Top 30 Countries With Fastest Internet

As most bloggers should know, there are days when your blogging mojo is off and not matter how hard your try you can’t seem to put together a blog post. One way I tackle this on my own blog is to keep list of simple drafted posts on the backend of my blog that won’t get stale for a while and are related to what I blog about, only a tiny percentage every get published but they help in my occasional battle with writers block. One such post was just a chart I surfed into somewhere on the internet that showed Japan having the fastest internet in the world. Fast forward four years, thousands of hits and dozens of comments later that same post although now obsolete and incorrect still remains popular.

Post that needs more attention – My Awesome Yoko Littner Figure

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My darling Yoko Littner is the jewel in my mostly Gundam-related anime figure collection. Anime loving friends who know me should also know that I am prone to going into a Godzilla-like rage when discussing why 99% of female characters in anime are, um, lets just use the word – retarded. So whenever I see strong-willed and capable female character like Yoko in anime I tend to fall in love. Thus she is the most expensive figure in my collection but man is she pretty! look at the post! Took me many hours to take those pictures so you better visit it everyday for the next 100 days or else you won’t like it… random embarrassing fact: I almost only clean my room when Yoko is threatened by dust.

Most proud post – 2011 Asian Cup – Japan will win it!

I’m a big fan of football be it the World Cup, English Premier League or Major League Foo, um I mean “Soccer”. Still on a high after Japan performed well at the 2010 World Cup I made my biased prediction that Japan would win the 2011 Asian Cup. A few weeks later they won it and I briefly considered a career as a shrink but my girlfriend advised me that my clients wouldn’t take failure lightly. The final match between Japan and Australia in my eyes is a classic as Japan’s goal was peppered all throughout the match but somehow Japan didn’t concede. When it was all over Japan won in extra time after a beautiful volleyed goal by substitute Tadanari Lee after excellent work by right back Yuto Nagatomo.

Go Forth and Share your 7 links!

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  • Shoot Tokyo – A photography blog about Japan I recently discovered and stalk daily

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