Japanese Class is Hectic!

I have missed 2 of my last 5 Japanese classes and now I am playing catch up at class more than ever.

I have gone through so much more since my last entry that I can’t even sit to make my entire update in one sitting.

I will however make notes for next class related entry so my update will be easier. I really need to put a few marathon studying hours in to be more confident as my step 2 exam in in a few weeks. Everytime I think about the exam I get very nervous but I am still sure I will be able to do well if I put in the extra effort.

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I recently registered my email address as a msn/microsoft passport so persons who visit the site and wish to talk to me can add me to msn messenger jamaipanese[@]jamaipanese.com (without the [ ]).

Well I am now off to a 5:30 seminar that will be held at my Japanese class. My teacher will be doing some kind of presentation that she has been preparing for weeks. She took pictures of us too and I am curious to see how she will use them. I will post the full details next week along with a full update on my class progress!

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Class is Hectic!

  1. Wow, interesting. I just happened to visit your website, and could not stop smiling. You are a Jamaican who loves Japan, but I am a Japanese who loves Jamaica, and people call me
    Actually I lived in Sav for quite some time but now I’m back in Japan. Anyway, good luck with your Japanese.

  2. thanks Japanican

    It would be great though if you left some sort of email address of some other way of contacting you as i would like to talk to you Japan.

    you can get me here jamaipanese[@]jamaipanese.com removed the []

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