Japanese Class Recap – Feb 20th – Mar 16th

Whew where should I start. I have missed 2 (February 28th and March 6th) of my last 7 Japanese classes, one because of really really bad traffic and the other because I was not feeling very well. I didn’t miss much as one of the classes was just reviewing previously introduced topis and the other was mostly discussions and the only thing taught was various colours in Japanese.

The other five classes that I was present at was mostly revision which I I was very grateful for as I badly needed to catch up. Tomoko Sensei has introduced us to new teacher who has lived in Jamaica for 10 years but was born in Japan. He name is Eriko and she is a very nice person that Tomoko introduced as she thinks it will be easier for her to explain certain topics and she is also better able to undertsand problems we might have. Eriko Sensei is a young and lively individual that speaks english very well and tries to speak the Jamaican dialect though with a strong accent. Classes are structured that so that Tomoko Sensei teaches us for the first hour of class then Eriko Sensei takes over for half an hour then the final half and hour is used to play some type of word or speaking game design to help us memorize what we learned earlier or in a previous class.

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What I have Learnt Recently

しゅっしんち – hometown

あなたの しゅっしんち は どこ です か?
Where is your hometown?

わたしの しゅっしんち は Kingston です。
My hometown is Kingston.

うしろ – back
まえ – front
まなか – middle
あいだに – between

I have learnt a few more things general chit chat and questions asked by myself or other tudent in the class that is difficult to list here.

New Kanji

春 – Spring – はる
夏 – summer - なつ
秋 – fall – あき
冬 – winter – ふゆ

ç›® – eye - め
口 – mouth – くち
耳 – ear – みみ

There was a short class/presentation on March 10th 2006 when Tomoko Sensei invited past and present Japanese students at different levels to view a powerpoint presentation she had prepared over previous weeks. She had taken pictures of us in class days before and she incorporated them in the presentation.
I enjoyed the presentation though there was lots i could not understand but it made me more interested as say fellow Jamaicans not much different than my self who are past students speaking Japanese fluently with other invited Japanese guests.

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