Japanese Class Recap – Feb 7th, 9th, 14th and 16th

My Last 4 classes have been fun but I can feel the difficulty level slowly rising. I am still very much interested in learning more about Japanese though as I have already found uses for the tiny bit of knowledge I have.

Over the last two weeks we have started quite a few topics that I have yet to fully understand and remember such as progress tense, before and after, expressing frequency, comparison and superlative, request sentense, Experience sentence and more. We have also been given out a few hand-outs from Tomoko Sensei to help with our studying. She has also introduced a games session for the last 30 minutes of class where the step 2 (I’m in step 2) and step 3 classes come together and play a word or speech game Tomoko Sensei has prepared.

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below I will go through some of the topics we have been going through and I will also try to provide a few examples.

Progress Tense
Honestly I find this topic difficult because of the various ways of changing verbs to progress tense and irregular verbs are also a pain to remember.

Examples with verbs that end with ”く”
かく – to write
かいています – writing
きく – to listen
きいています- listening

いま かんじ を かいています。
I am writing Kanji

いま おんがく を きいています。
I am listening to music

Comparision and Superlative
Fairly east topic that I just need to practise a bit more to master.

日本りょうり と ジャマイカリョウリ と どちらのほうが すき ですか。
Which Do you like more Japanese or Jamaican food?
日本りょうりのほうが すき です。
I like Japanese food more.

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Request Sentence
Possibly the shorted and easiest topic this term….all you add is kudasai!

please stand up.

New Kanji
北 – North
南 – South
西 – West
東 – East

Lots more I have to study and practise, I can tell that the next few classes will be mostly revision (which i sorely need) so i am looking forward to them. Below are copies of a few of the handout’s I have gotten from my session.

<%image(20060220-1.jpg|400|300|Practising Height, Body, and Hair length)%>
<%image(20060220-2.jpg|400|300|more detailed description of each person)%>
<%image(20060220-3.jpg|400|300|describing actions)%>

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