Japan creates Robot Safety Center

So many people think the world will be destroyed by some natural phenomenon that may or may not be influenced by global warming, war or religion etc but I would like to categorically state that that is not the case. Every individual  with any semblance of intelligence  knows that the world will be destroyed or conquered by one of two things Robots or Zombies.

You do know you can control a robot with your thoughts right?

Japan has already started to train their young to defend against zombies but what about robots? When I first read the words “Robot Safety Center” I thought “what do we need to protect robots from”? Luckily I am stupid and somebody smarter than me explained that it’s not the robots that needed protecting but us humans who need protection from the robots – think about it, why would we need protection from robots? OK Stop thinking, I mean if we can control a robot with our thoughts, there is no way a robot could control us right? I said stop thinking!

Robot Safety Center

The robot safety center which is located in Tsukuba, Japan is developing a battery of tests that will set safety standards for personal assisted-living robots such as Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton and autonomous security and cleaning robots. The center draws personel from three main organizations – Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Japan’s Automobile Research Institute (JARI). The almost 4,000 square foot facility has four major testing areas that will allow trained examiners to analyze driving (obstacle detection), electronic jamming resistance, durability, and so on.  By 2015 the center will provide one-stop certification services with Japan Quality Assurance Agency (JQA) for robots entering the market. So when buying a robot (like you do when buying a car) you’d look out for it’s “crash safety reading”? Stop laughing you dimwit, this is serious business and all great ideas might seem a little weird at first but in 20 years when hundreds of thousands of robots surround us lets see who is laughing then…

Receptionists and security guards take note as your jobs might be in danger!

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Via – Plastic Pals and Engadget