Internet Connection back to normal

After a little over a week of enduring limited internet access at home, which turned out to be DNS issues from my internet service provider I am happy to come home tonight to a fully functioning internet connection. I hope I am not celebrating too early but I feel like a junkie getting a fix after a long period of failed rehab.

I’m heading to this beach on December 30, more info and pictures soon ^_^

This is perfect timing because I am off from work until next Wednesday and I have tonnes of work to do on my current websites as well as I have 2 new blogs I will be launching in the next few days, One will be my photoblog to go with my new camera and Flickr pro account and the other will not be too surprising but I’ll keep it a secret till I snag the domain name. Now let me check if you guys are really reading through my posts: the first person who sends me a message through my contact form earns themself a free domain name, that I will register on Monday while I grab a few names I have had my eyes on, easy eh? Perfect for bloggers who want their own domain *hint* *hint*.



Woke up this morning to numerous messages for the domain, I feel so good, so you guys really do read through my blog ^_^. I couldn’t just give away one domain name, so I upped it to two, one for a fellow Japan enthusiast Martin and the other for a Caribbean blogging brother Madbull.

congrats guys! Better luck next time or the 5 or so people that missed out, stay tuned for more random giveaways.