I shall tame the beast called the Japanese Language

Yes I think of the Japanese language as a huge beast, but not an impossible task. It’s not like I think I am incapable of properly grasping and using the language properly, it’s just that process…a very long one and I have been incapable of sticking to that process and seeing it all the way through, I keep stopping it for various reasons and then having to start most of it over again.

I have found inspiration from a…., of all things, a comedic video about the “secret to learning Japanese” which pokes fun at persons who are primarily using anime to study Japanese. I don’t use anime as my primary studying resource, I have tonnes of books, ebooks, dictionaries and notes but I think anime is a great supplementary source to hear Japanese being spoken…albeit sometimes unnatural, filled will slangs and overly dramatic. The video’s underlying lesson is clear to me and renewed by drive to study because i now know the “secret”…perseverance!

My last update in the class logs and practice section of my blog was in October 2007, thats unforgivable! I started a little series which I used to practice, some of which were the hiragana chart, the katakana chart, the explanation of hiragana and katakana and Japanese “u” verb practice. I want to be held accountable by my readers for at least 2 posts per month in that category. I’ve been stuck at one level too long and my already limited Japanese is slowly being lost.

Oh be sure to check out Koichi’s blog @ tofugu.com