250 Entrecard Credits Contest Results!

A big thank you to all of the 23 entrants in my 250 entrecard credits contest, I expected to get about 20 entries so I happy to report that this contest was a successful one. ^_^

Drawing and Results

All entries to the contest were assigned a number from 1 to 23 in the order in which they entered. Entry to the contest was easy and all that was needed was a comment on the contest announcement post. The winner of the contest, chosen at random by Randomizer.org is the forth entry which is Ian from Ian. Congratulations Ian!

Entry List

1. Gordon Swaby
2. Thomas L
3. Mike
4. Ian – WINNER!
5. Contamination
6. Matthew
7. betshopboy
8. Look 4 Dream Girls
9. George
10. Contestanomics
11. Victor
12. SEO Rob
13. CyberStrike
14. Tokyo Expat
15. Erz
16. ShadowKnight
17. Leon
18. Entrepreneur
19. Justin
20. deothersideofme
21. Sanjo-chan
22. Rob in Denver
23. Vijay

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I invite everyone who has entered the contest to post a recommendation of me and my blog on my entrecard page if you have not done so already and if you have a blog and still have not registered for entrecard….what are you waiting for?

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