Sanyo Solar Ark Energy Generation Facility

Sanyo is a well-known Japanese electronics company and a brand instantly recognizable worldwide. Sanyo’s Solar Ark is an ark shaped solar photovoltaic power generation facility located in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan.

In my eyes the solar ark building is an architectural, engineering and scientific masterpiece. I just noted it as one of the places in Japan I would like to visit in a future trip to Japan as I want to see the solar lab and visit the solar museum housed within the facility. It’s free to enter the facility once it’s open and it’s boat-like features and name are obvious references to the biblical ark that Noah built to escape the floods.

Infinite Solar Energy

Unlike fossil fuels, bio fuels and other energy sources, the sun and it’s infinite solar energy isn’t going anywhere and the day the sun goes out is the day we are pretty much doomed as well.

For more information and pictures visit the Solar Ark’s official website.