Honda unveils the U3-X robotic unicycle

The technology war is brewing in the field of personal mobility technology as various companies compete to render our legs obsolete. Honda is one of the major players in this war and they recently revealed their latest device code named the “U3-X” which will provide free movement in all directions just as in human walking – forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally.


New technology is easier to accept when it is demonstrated by attractive young women ^_^

Balance Control Technology

Honda’s U3-X includes balance control technology that allows the device to respond to how the rider shifts and compensates to keep balance accordingly while on the go. This balance technology was developed from Honda’s ASIMO bipedal humanoid robot research. More images and a short demonstration video below.

The current version of the Honda U3-X weighs 10 kilograms and gets power via a lithium ion battery which lasts for an hour of use. Look out for the U3-X at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo next month. I wonder if visitors are allowed in Honda’s research center in Saitama, Japan? That would make for a geekgazmic trip if I could visit there when I eventually make it to Japan.

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I like the simplistic design

Honda Robot Technologies and Research

Honda’s research department is a very busy one. Not surprisingly while digging into the archives I found some more futuristic research and robot technologies from our pals in Japan.


A space ship should not be far off now ^^

Image and info source – Honda
Check out another video via the BBC here.


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