The car I hope to be driving in 15-20 years – Honda FCX

Adding to my request for a F-22 Raptor is another request for a Honda FCX. I have been follwoing the development of quite a few hydrogen fuel cell alternative motor vehicles but this is one that I like the most. Well unlike my dreams of a Raptor this dream has a good chance of becoming truth, well stay tuned, in another 15 or so years you’ll know if I got one of the production models ^-^.


Information about the car
The Honda FCX (presumably meaning Fuel Cell eXperimental) is a hydrogen fuel cell automobile manufactured by Honda. It is said to be entirely silent in operation. Currently there are more than 20 vehicles in the hands of customers in three different states, including the state of New York, city of Las Vegas, Chula Vista, San Francisco and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Limited marketing of a latest fuel cell vehicle based on the 2007 concept model is to begin in 2008 in Japan and the U.S. Honda believes it could start mass producing vehicles based on the FCX concept by the year 2018.




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