Japanese classes restarted wooohooo!

After being a lazy bum at sitting at home through most of my vacation leave from work and missing half of last term’s Japanese classes I went to my first class of the new term today. The two hour classes on Saturdays only will continue but the class has dwindled down even further to just me and a young lady named Farah (very focused and inspiring young person I might add). Did A whole lot of revisions today as I am rusted almost to the core, but as usual Tomoko sensei was a real sport and went through a lot of things we have already done to refresh them in our minds. I have a lot of things to review and study up for next week’s class.

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I mainly need to review all of the verbs that I have been using so far, I have not “forgotten” them but just need to practise with them more, but the most important thing I need to know is the hiragana and Kanji of a couple of important places such as.

Hospital, Post Office, School, Convenience Store, Flower Shop, Pharmacy, Library etc.

I hope to make a blog post just before my next class with the hiragana and kanji version of these words.