Gundam 00 Movie Teaser Trailer

I am a big fan of Gundam 00 since it first started airing in Japan and I have blogged my reviews of  Season 1 and Season 2. At the end of season 2 a Gundam 00 Movie was teased at for 2010 and that date is drawing closer. A trailer has been released for the Gundam 00 movie that should tie up some of the loose ends and hopefully make up for an underwhelming ending.


The majority of my Gundam figure collection consists of mobile suits from the Gundam 00 universe with a couple of my favourite gunpla figures being Seravee, Exia and Astraea Type-F. Setsuna, Lyle, Alleluyah and Tiera will star in the Gundam 00 movie, check out the trailer and descriptions of their updated mobile suites below.

New Gundams

  • 00 Quanta, Setsuna’s unit. Exia’s lineage. It has binders and shield on its left shoulder, as well as numerous Funnels (informal name).
  • Gundam Harut, Allelujah’s unit. Harut and Marut are two angels mentioned in the Qur’an. The Gundam has a visor like the Astraea and the GN Archer. It can transform.
  • Gundam Zabaniya, Lyle’s unit. The Zabaaniyah are the gardians of Hell in the Qur’an. Looks like a close-combat unit. It has a slim torso and big legs like the Virtue. It carries a “GN Armor lite” on its back.Main weapon  : Double hand gun.
  • Gundam Raphael, Tieria’s unit. See the Archangel Raphael. It has wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam) and 4 cannons on its shoulders.
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Information Sources

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4 thoughts on “Gundam 00 Movie Teaser Trailer

  1. エピク! :D that looks like its going to be great, but it’s too late for me, I never watched gundam as a kid so it would take years for me to catch up with for how long it’s been going for :P

    1. all the Gundam series are not more than a season or two long and all have separate story lines so you don’t have to watch every episode of every series to be a fan.

  2. I cant wait for this.. I’ve been waiting for something since the season final of gundam 00, Think this timeline is my favourite gundam ever. The themes are just cooler. Well it kinda battles with the Heero Yuy era for favourites.

    P.S I’m stilling going to build a gundam one day lol. [anime] and then woe be unto the world. Because I will make armed interventions. I will be The worlds Celestial Being.

  3. Wow, looks like I missed something. I had no idea a movie was on it’s way!
    I haven’t completed the second season yet, (due to school and business) but that is something I know I really need to do. Especially if the movie is going to be a great epic finale to the series.

    I really like Gundam 00. Glad to see more content coming out. [smile]

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