Gears of War 2 Announced

Sweet mother of the gaming Gods, one of the biggest, best selling and most played next-gen games Gears of War is getting a sequel. Gears of War 2 is expected to drop in November 2008 and from my previous Gears of War related post you know that I am aligned with the invading Locust Horde!

I play the original Gears of War a whole lot at the Area 51 arcade. It’s a shooter, it’s action packed, bloody and there is tonnes of competition. I can only imagine they mayhem that will ensue when the guys at the arcade learn of this news and see the trailer below.

Download and watch a higher quality trailer

Why is Gears of War so Big?

Gears of War is like the original Halo of the last generation, an unknown, overnight hit that arrived at the perfect time and stood out from the competition. I love Gears of War, it’s innovative, it tickles the graphics whore in me and nothing brings two friends closer than competing to see who can get the most headshots…skull cracking, ear drum bursting headshots….ooh I can almost smell the blood!