HD-DVD concedes Defeat in the Format War with Blu-ray

It’s now official, Blu-ray is now the standard next generation video format after Toshiba threw in the towel on their HD-DVD format this morning after being rumored to do so for weeks. I am happy that finally there war is over and the entertainment industry can now settle on one standard format, but it’s still sad that cheaper more accessible technology lost out.

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Sony can now expect a tonne load of cash from every buying licensing to produce Blu-ray products and maybe I can finally justify buying a Playstation 3 which comes with a blu-ray drive. I am most interested to see how this unfolds in the gaming industry with Sony rival and HD-DVD supporter Microsoft now stuck with a dead format.

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Toshiba concedes defeat in DVD format war


9 thoughts on “HD-DVD concedes Defeat in the Format War with Blu-ray

  1. I was sort of rooting for the HD-DVD since it was based off of DVD and the technological successor to it (and what you said about it being cheaper and more accessible). I’ve still got a grudge against Sony too :P Oh well, they lost big with Betamax so now’s their time I guess ;)

  2. I saw the news today after much speculation that this would be the outcome from a few weeks now. I am glad for the single format now, at least that will simplify the buyers market. Let’s just hope none of these companies get greedy and start buying up exclusive license.

  3. I agree with shay. allowing sony to win is maadness. sony is a proprietary whore. they love to have their on way. This can be seen with all of their products, psp (umd) mini disk player (mini disk) almost all thier devices memory stick duo and a few with micro..

    their storage devices aren’t usually usable on anything other than sony products which is bullshit if you ask me. you buy into a technology and your stuck into that technology…

    anyway sony paid off the necessary people and won the war.

  4. I’m not sure Microsoft had much stake in HD-DVD to begin with. It’s been rumored for a while that MS would have no problem releasing a Blu-ray add on for the 360.

    I don’t care either way though. I don’t have an HDTV, and probably won’t have one for years.

  5. Having one format now will speed up the transition to the new technology. I’m really looking forward to a cheap Blu-ray burner.

  6. The HD-DVD and Blue Ray war never existed. Both formats weren’t selling so they had to create some hype in order to get people interested to buy anything. DVDs are still the top format and most people watch movies on their computers anyway.

  7. HD-DVD is dead! Long live BluRay! It’s still humbling to know that a single disc has over double the storage capacity of my hard drive.

  8. With no more competition, price of Blue Ray players likely to increase or unlikely to come down anytime soon.

    There could be a price hike in PS3!


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