Japanese Teaching Material Handing Over Ceremony

There will be a short one hour long ceremony at the Language Training Centre in Kingston on Monday that I will be attending. I am looking forward to meeting up with some friends as well as being scolded my Tomoko sensei for being a bad Japanese language student as I should have been taking part in the ceremony with my level 3 classmate and very good friend Farah Brown but I am not confident enough -_-, I mean come on the Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica will be present, not to mention at least 50 pairs of eyes…can imagine the pressure, I’d probably get up there and start to break out in song ^_^.

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Visitors and subscribers who are in Jamaica and are thinking about starting to study Japanese, have started studying Japanese or have any interest in Japan are welcomed to attend. I’ll be there so if you see me feel free to meet and greet. read more below to view the program.




☆ Welcome and Introduction   

☆ Opening remarks  Miss Tomoko Uemura  Japanese and English

Introduce Richard Gordon / De-llene Richardds (MC)

☆ Introduce Japanese students 2minutes

   Step1, 2, 2+, 3, Graduate,

Jet ( MC ask Jet member where and where did go)

☆ Greetings  Miss Dawn Dayes, Managing Director of the Language Training Centre      

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☆ Greetings Jet program aluminum Deline 2minutes

☆ Greetings Research officer Miss Shimote


☆ Handing Over ceremony

Donation of Japanese Teaching Materials by H.E. OBATA, ambassador of Japan

☆ Greetings H.E. Obata, Ambassador of Japan

☆ Comments from representative s Language training Centre, Miss Dawn Dayes


☆Thanks Letter to H E. Obata Ambassador of Japan from



☆Step2+ Dean Holness . Kerry-An

☆Step3 Farrah Brown (my classmate)

☆Graduate Denis Blackstock

☆ Scholarship student Richard Gordon

1~2minute per group


☆Closing Remarks

Richard / Deline


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  1. Ha. If it were a Japanese pop song, I’m sure Mr. Obata would be impressed. Then again, the Japanese are a very stern people, despite Hello Kitty.

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