From the Archives – November 2012

College life along with work has made it difficult for me to finish working on the post ideas I have brainstormed lately. I thought that now would be a good time to dig into the archives to share a couple posts that longtime members should be familiar with and new readers should appreciate. A couple more weeks and I’ll be on holidays from school and able to return to my regular posting schedule but for now check these posts out!

I was lucky enough to have a couple keychains mailed to me from Japan by a friend which play the departing melody for a couple of stations on the Yamanote line when pressed. I got the melodies for 5 of the stations: Ikebukuro, Harajuku, Shibuya, Akihabara and of course Tokyo station.

Portland is a beautiful, natural, green and water filled parish in Jamaica that is a nature photographer’s wet-dream. The plan was to visit some of the old railway stops along our route as we headed to the Rio Grande valley. To be completely honest the overgrown, under-kept stations weren’t very interesting but our aim was to get photos of them before they are completely destroyed and remind Jamaicans how wonderful our railway system used to be before it’s demise in the early 1990′s

Swine flu has taken over from global depression as the most talked about topic lately with dozens dead in Mexico and the virus showing up all over the globe. Fortunately the has been no reported cases of swine flu in Jamaica  yet and  I am hoping it remains that way.