The Rastaman and Swine Flu

Swine flu has taken over from global depression as the most talked about topic lately with dozens dead in Mexico and the virus showing up all over the globe. Fortunately the has been no reported cases of swine flu in Jamaica  yet and  I am hoping it remains that way. One of the two major daily newspapers in Jamaica – the Observer has a hilarious illustration that I thought I’d share.

Rastafarians do not eat meat – Jamaica Observer Daily Cartoon

Rastafarianism is a religion originating in Jamaica and one of their rules is that they do not kill or take the life of another living thing not even for food, so meat and animal related products are consumed. The believe in “Natural Livity” or living in harmony with nature. “Rastas” have long been a social outcast in Jamaica but in recent years have slowly become accepted – ironically our biggest international export (Jamaican music) is heavily influenced by rastafarianism and the most famous Jamaican (Bob Marley) is a Rasta.

First it was the foot and mouth desease affecting cows, then bird flu now swine flu and Rastafarians worldwide are having a field-day highlighting their long time “no meat” belief and although it a known fact that you cannot contract swine flu from ingesting pig meat the Rastas would argue that it is still in a pig farm in Mexico it all started.

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7 thoughts on “The Rastaman and Swine Flu

  1. rastas were social outcasts?? wow. who knew?? the way they seem to be the epitomy of ‘cool’ to tourists…

    ths cartoon worth more than a million wor [jamaica] ds!

  2. Nice post. That image is hilarious, reminds me of my Dad!
    He’s also telling everyone “I told you so!” right now! Lol
    I hope they get the spread of this flu under control soon though…

  3. Ras dont eat meat ,forbidden to takes a living soul for another soul`s pleasure.The rasta chant on.peace with nature dont kill dem the nature,let it be and nature will let you be.RAS [japan]

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