Blogging it up at for 9 years now is really getting along in the blogging years. It feels good to have a personal blog that has evolved as I’ve evolved and in many ways have stayed the same. I continue to struggle a little with the time to commit to my blog and reminisce on the days when I had oodles of time to delicately craft posts. With work and school finding enough time is increasingly difficult but when I do find the time to for an anime review, or to visit a sakeΒ event here in Jamaica or completely geek out at a anime exhibition in KingstonΒ it makes the feeling of enjoyment so much more potent.

2014 was the year Gundam invaded Jamaica

Jamaipanese the Podcaster

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The last year has seen my achieve one of the major goals I had and that is restarting my podcast. My podcast originally named “All Hail Japan” has returned as jaPODCAST. With only one episode recorded so far I hope to improve with each episode and hopefully the listeners will have as much fun listening to it as I do creating it.

Speaking about my short time in Japan to the patrons at Anime Nation 2014

Jamaipanese the public speaker

Two highlights of the past year that wouldn’t have been possible without my blog is when I did a presentation at Anime Nation 2014 and recently when I met with some innercity kids from the St Patrick’s Pre-Youth Club. I am hoping to do more public speaking and presentations in the coming months related to and also some personal projects I am working on.

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Overall it was a good year but there are still some goals that had to be postponed that I will be blogging about in due time. Thank you to all who continue to read and support my blog. Stay in touch via Twitter @Jamaipanese, Instagram @Jamaipanese or the Facebook page.


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  1. I know I’m a bit late, but congrats on the blog anniversary, man! A lot of niche blogs don’t last more than a year or two and I know we’ve both seen a lot of J-blogs come and go. Impressive to be still going after 9 years. Keep up the good work. =)

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