Motivating and Inspiring the kids from the St Patricks Pre-Youth Group

I was recently invited to meet with a group of kids between the ages of 8 and 13 who are members of St Patrick’s Catholic Church’s pre-youth group. The St Patrick’s community played a very vital role in my upbringing and I was honoured to be able to return to speak with a group of inner city kids who reminded me so much of myself when I was at the same age.

I shared my experience riding the Shinkansen (bullet train) for the first time in Japan

My own journey from a child born and raised in one of Kingston’s many low-income communities to an adult who contributes positively society and the world is a journey that is still progressing. I was extremely happy to share my journey so far with a group of vibrant, energetic, intelligent group of children.

The kids were excited to take part in the section of my presentation that involved anime characters

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My prensentation was aimed at motivating and inspiring them and I pulled from my experiences growing up in that same church to attending college, visiting Japan and more. Unsurprisingly the section of my presentation involving anime characters as well as videos and pictures from Japan was most well received.

I hope to continue to work with these and other kids going forward and I must say thank you to Nikita (@nikitabillett) for reaching out after reading the feature on me in the Gleaner’s Youthlink last year.

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