Angel Beats! – First Impressions

Angel Beats was the most anticipated on my Spring 2010 anime watchlist but due to work, school and other not so important engagements I’ve not been having as much time as I usually would to watch anime. Went on a watching rampage over the weekend and watched the first 3 episodes of some of the series on the list as well as catching up in other series like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and the Dragon Ball Z remake – Dragon Ball Kai.

Angel Beats is an anime I started to like from just watching the preview trailer and checking out the poster (seen above). While in the past I have grown tired of anime featuring high school students and girls with brightly coloured hair, I have have grown to just accept it and not just stick to shows in different genres or that feature topics outside the norm like Shigurui or Eden of the East.

Plot Overview

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Otonashi has died and has ended up at a high school between heaven and earth, he has lost all his memories and as the series starts meets a girl named Yuri who is the leader of a guerrilla type group student/fighters who is upset with their fates in life and their aim is to defeat God. Their enemy is a silver haired girl they refer to as “Angel” who is the student council of the afterlife school tasked with keeping everybody in line so that they may able to reach the afterlife.

First Impressions after 3 episodes

I have only seen 3 episodes but so far I’ve not been completely sold on Angel Beats, it’s humor is hit and miss, the animation and artwork is rather dodgy at times and Otonashi and Yuri aren’t exactly interesting. I saw a scene during episode 3 I think that was ripped off or should I say  “inspired” by a scene in the first resident evil movie. I find myself wanting to know what’s the deal behind Angel though and a rather weird member of the group called TK who spits random English phrases. Will wait on the 13 episode series to complete and then dive in too see if it is worth seeing it out to the end.

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Have you been following Angel Beats or any of the new anime from the Spring 2010 season? Would love to read and respond to some comments below.


5 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – First Impressions

  1. I watched the 1st episode don’t really know if i’ll continue but i’m gonna watch the ones released and see if its worth it. however i thought the animation was top class!

  2. Started watching a few days ago. Always wanted to, just never had the time because I was watching other stuff. I gotta say, this is probably “Anime of the Year” for me. ^_^

  3. I loved loved AngelBeats. I have to admit it was slow to start off with. But… It was just the ending that hit me, it just was so amazing. I don’t know… words can’t describe it.

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