A 5000 Yen Note has arrived in my Mailbox

Late last year, right after posting my Operation Visit Japan report for December 2010 I received an email from a Jamaipanese.com reader interested in donating. Apparently she had visited Japan a year earlier and had stumbled upon a 5000 yen note that escaped her shopping frenzy. She had always wanted to donate to Operation Visit Japan but was unable to so she offered to send me the note she found via snail mail. As expected I was ecstatic.

5000 Yen Note

After an address mix-up in the first attempt at sending it, the yen note arrived safely yesterday second time asking. I had seen and held Japanese money in the form of coins before but never paper money so like young child at Christmas who has received an awesome gift I have been bouncing off the walls since.

Nippon Ginko - Bank of Japan

THANK YOU SHEILA for this awesome gift towards my trip to Japan. I said it on Twitter but this is indeed the ultimate fix for a Japan enthusiast like me and as a blogger it is readers, supporters, friends and well-wishers like you that keep me blogging. As you requested I’ll ensure I enjoy my time in Japan and blog, tweet and make lots of videos about it.

Which looks better the Jamaican or Japanese 5000 note?

About the 5000 yen note

The front side of the note includes a portrait of Ichiyo Higuchi, a Meiji era writer and poet. The reverse side depicts “Kakitsubata Flowers”, from a folding screen by Korin Ogata. Extensive anti-counterfeiting measures are present in the banknote. They include intaglio printing, holograms, microprinting, fluorescent ink, latent images, watermarks, and angle-sensitive ink. –  Wikipedia

is there a Kanji ninja reading this? translate!


Remeber my 1.00 JMD = 1.00 JPY post from a while back? The Yen proceeded to strengthen  to record levels but has weakened in recent weeks and now the Jamaican dollar and Japanese yen is just about equal again. For those curious about how much 5000 yen is worth now:

  • JMD $5,200
  • US $61
  • CAD $58
  • Euro â‚¬42
  • GBP £37