1.00 JMD = 1.00 JPY

Maybe it is all the reading I do at my IT/Law related job and now at school as I study for a law related diploma but lately I find myself stealing time and running off with random numbers making hot passionate love, which is quite strange seeing that I skipped most of high school math and used to buy the lottery with my math exam scores. The latest offspring of my numerical courtship started when I started to pay more attention to exchange rates, mix that in with my love for Japan, life in Jamaica and my ever delayed plans to fly off to the land of the rising sun one day. I am well aware that the Jamaican dollar is losing value faster than a Japanese idol past her 21st birthday but I have also been hearing that the Japanese Yen has been strengthening as of late. I thought to myself, how does that affect my plans to Visit Japan?


Jamaican Money – the various notes and coins

I am not an economist, mathematician, statistician or accountant but I punched in some numbers, waved a magic wand and out popped the data from my 120 minute long “research” . How much was the value of the Jamaican Dollar and Japanese Yen when I just started blogging? How much is the Jamaican Dollar and Japanese Yen valued today? and finally, how does that affect the cost of me visiting Japan?

February 1st 2006 Exchange Rates

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US$1 = JMD$62.50
US$1 = JPY¥118.18
JMD$1 = JPY¥1.89

October 12th  2009 Exchange Rates

US$1 = JMD$88.50
US$1 = JPY¥89.73
JMD$1 = JPY¥1.01


The controversial $5000 note was introduced last month

*waves magic wand*

For arguments sake lets say I would need US$2500 to cover my expenses for a 2 week trip to Japan (visa, plane ticket, accommodation etc). How much Jamaican Dollars (the money I get paid in) would I need to save in order to go to Japan and how much Yen would that be worth?

February 1st 2006 Exchange Rates

us$2500 x JMD$62.50 = JMD$156250
us$2500 x JPY¥118.18 = JPY¥295450
JMD$156250 x JPY¥1.89 = JPY¥295313

October 12th  2009 Exchange Rates

us$2500 x JMD$88.50 = JMD$221250
us$2500 x JPY¥89.73 = JPY¥224325
JMD$221250 x JPY¥1.01 = JPY¥223463

Whats the Point?

My number chewing experiment was quite an orgasmic experience for an Acquired Numerical Deficiency Syndrome (ANDS) sufferer like me. There I was thinking that with the sliding Jamaican dollar it was becoming more and more expensive to visit Japan but alas it is revealed that the strengthening Yen is countering that and when all the numbers have been punched in it is actually cheaper to for me to visit Japan than it was three and a half years ago, but there lies the trouble, it’s cheap as long as the Yen remains strong. As soon as the Yen slides back to around 115 my weakened Jamaican dollar will be without protection and thats when the trip to Japan which hopefully will now be mid 2011 will really become super expensive. The only way for me to cushion the expense…earn more US dollars!

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*rates courtesy of the Interactive Currency Table at XE.com

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  1. we a go sen yuh down a BOJ fi wuk.
    Nice news to note ur trip cost is falling, well except that ur fare and costs from JA are likely to be worked out and quoted in US$ so, tsk tsk on the bubble bursting

  2. Ohhh myyyy gosh! I’ve never known Yen is that srong nowadays. Your post shocked me!

    Anyway, whenever you want to go to Japan, it’s your time to go. Just keep your faith and go, no matter what the situation is at the time!

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