Health Education for 30-year-olds Anime – First Impressions

Health Education for 30 year-olds or  30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku as it is known in Japan is the first off my interesting spring 2011 anime to get the first impressions treatment mainly because it made quite the impression on me. Whether the impression is good or bad, I have still not recovered enough to be able to decide but so after watching the first 2 episodes of this show I think I’ll want to watch more of the upcoming episodes.

Health Education for 30-year-olds' comedy ranged from WTF to hilarious

Plot Synopsis

Hayao Imagawa is a 30 year old  salaryman who unfortunately is still a virgin. On his 3oth birthday a mysterious “God” appears and sets out to “educate” Imagawa about women with the aim of helping him to lose his virginity. This of course will be no easy task and thus begins the adventures of Health Education for 30-year-olds.

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he doesn't look like it, but this guy is a "God"

Health Education for 30-year-olds is definitely for mature audiences only. The anime itself is still heavily censored, some say to the point that it is almost unwatchable. I was expecting a crazy oppai filled anime and it hasn’t disappointed, as just seconds into the first episode you soon realize that this one messed up show (which could be good or bad). The comedy so far has been hit or miss and the plot seems like it could lead anywhere. I’ll stick around for at least another episode or two to see if this show, which is way out of my normal anime interests is deserving of being fully watched and reviewed. Thankfully the episodes are around 10 minutes in length (which is a positive) so I can sneak in an episode without thinking I am wasting too much of my time. Have you seen any of Health Education for 30-year-olds? Leave a comment below.

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Imagawa hold on for dear life and resists being sucked into a vaccuum
Health Education for 30-year-olds is a rather difficult topic


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    1. The “herbivore-male” is a very common theme in Japanese culture. Basically guys who aren’t gay but to most outsiders, they look really really gay.

      And 30Yo virgin? Yeah, I’ve met a lot of guys who wouldn’t know what to do with a girl.

      More for the rest of us real men! (except me, I’m married)


  1. I didn’t see the anime, but I heard about the manga and I saw it on This reminds me a little of Futari Ecchi but without the marriage.

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