Jamaipanese.com Reader Survey and Feedback

Hello guys and girls. Jamaipanese.com has for five years been my personal blog where I blog about my love for Japan and Life in Jamaica. Over the years it has evolved and matured as much as I have. Without its readers Jamaipanese.com wouldn’t have survived for this long and this is why I am always looking at ways to improve Jamaipanese and expose it to more readers without changing its core topics mixed in with my personality.

I have been taking more serious steps to improve Jamaipanese.com and one of the best ways to know what is need of improvement is to hear from YOU the readers of my blog. Please take a couple minutes to answer a quick 10 question survey. This information will help me to make Jamaipanese.com bigger and better for you my valued readers. I am hoping to receive at least 100 responses. Feedback is also welcomed via your comments or though my contact page. Thank you in advance.