Interesting Winter 2011 Anime

I’ve not been watching much anime lately which might be a combination of there being less interesting anime, having less time to watch anime and growing bored of the usual shows like Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. There are few ongoing series that I up super excited about and can’t go too long without watching, One being Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector. It’s winter time again (in the upper hemisphere) and that means new anime, but this time around I am hard pressed to find a handful of series I think is worth watching and I am interested in hearing via comments if anyone reading this series begs to differ.


A action, mystery and horror anime to be animated by an excellent studio and based on a light novel and set in a European setting in the early 20th century. Not too fond of the dark loli co-lead but I really believe this series might surprise me if the action, story, mystery, music and setting is right. I’ll be watching the first episode this weekend.


The Wolverine and Iron Man anime were announced at the same time via trailers and the Iron Man anime has now come and gone (will write about it soon) and now it’s Wolverine’s turn. To say it honestly I am holding my breath, closing one eye and holding unto my chair’s armrest tightly before clicking the play button on this series. Do you think I will be pleasantly surprised?

I have been there the entire list of series premiering this winter including trailers and man am I disappointed. Maybe i’ll use the free time in my anime watching schedule to catch up on past series.

Winter 2011 series list here



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