10 Years on YouTube

Ten years ago I uploaded my first video to YouTube. Like any YouTuber that has ever YouTubed, it is of course… an embarrassing video. In my case, its a “tour” of my room at the time, primarily featuring my anime figures. It was such a different time in my life but though embarrassed I wouldn’t change it so I shall proudly embed it below for the world (or the 30 ppl that read this blog regularly) to see.

Best… Favourite Uploads

Now that we have the first and most embarrassing video out of the way I thought I’d share some of my favourites over the years and just like my blog archives, this is a walk through memory lane! strangely enough, I feel inspired while writing this post. I have never really put videos on Youtube for fame (as my count of 400 subscribers proves) but my Youtube channel is an extension of my blog, my life, with a peek into my interests and adventures.

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Terrible cameras aside – here are some links to my favourite videos uploaded to Youtube over the years poorly categorized but in no particular order:

2011 Japan trip Highlights

Tokyo Game Show 2011 – Highlights, Booth Babes, Cosplay and Showfloor

Gundam Cafe

Nijo Castle Kyoto Japan – moat and gardens – Nijojo

Akihabara Station – Tokyo, Japan – sights and sounds

Random Gaming Videos

What Games are you playing? – Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

SWTOR Terror from Beyond 1st Boss – The Writhing Horror – Pax Imperius

My Star Wars: The Old Republic Characters – Sniper, Mercenary and Sorcerer

SWTOR Officer Xander and EN-4C – Hardmode Cademimu

Trips, Vlogs and Social Events

Japanese Culture and Calendar Exhibition 2011

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Blue Mountain Hike

Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup – Tweetheart edition

Cool Blue Hole – Fire Water – Boscobel Air Show 2011 – Jamaica

Anime Nation 2013 Cosplay Contest Highlights

My history with studying Japanese + new language study series idea – Vlog 19

Man vs Snow – Vlog 13

The Railway Museum in Saitama

Geek Stuff

Bullet Train Japan – Photo Essay

Loot Crate – April 2014 – “DRAGON”

Speed Drawing Gatchaman with Masami Suda @ Anime Nation 2014

Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop

Diary of a First-time Cat Owner – 1 – Saturday morning funtime