Yoshinoya Fast Food – Cheap Beef Bowls for all

Yoshinoya is a well known Japanese fast food chain that has it’s root in Japan from as far back as 1899. Yoshinoya is famous for it’s Gyudon or Beef Bowls which are prepared quickly with a variety of side dishes and toppings at very affordable prices. I didn’t know much about Yoshinoya before going to Japan but I did want to try fast food from a popular fast food chain originating in Japan.

Akihabara Yoshinoya

After rumaging through the streets of Akihabara I worked up quite the appetite and visited a Yoshinoya nearby because I wanted to try something, tasty but reasonably priced and I am a lover of beef. Inside the restaurant itself was expectely small and upstairs consisted of the food preparation area in the center with a counter in the middle forming an island where the customers would sit. I’m guessing no more than 15 customers could sit at any time but luckily me and my Japanese pal visited after lunch hours and it was empty up until a large group of Japanese high schoolers arrived when I was almost done devouring my meal.

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Speaking of the meal it was quite tasty. I had rice and beef with miso soup and a type of vegetable we in the west would call coleslaw. Sorry I can’t remember the Japanese names for the meals but both meals came in at around 1500 yen so for anyone on a tight budget while visiting Japan Yoshinoya is definitely an option for tasty cheap food.

Chopstick Fail

I leave you with a short video of yours truly fumbling with my chopsticks in Yoshinoya while high on just the fact that I was actually in JAPAN! I assure you by the time I left Japan I became a chopstick pro-user (not really).

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This is post is my entry into the November edition of J-Fiesta under the theme “Dining in Japan”

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  1. chopstick fail? i thought you could catch flies in your chopsticks mr miyagi style!

    thanks for participating in the november j-festa!!

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