Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival

I saw an interesting share on Twitter today about Animae Caribe – Animation and New Media Festival. Many things about this festival has surprised me but the main one was learning that it is in it’s 10th year and it’s the first I am even hearing about it. Whether its the organizers not doing good enough a job to promote it or it just never crossed my path before today I am not sure. One things is for sure though, I’ll be attending my first Animae Caribe next weekend and will definitely be blogging about the event.

Information is on the flyer above and with admission being free there is no reason not to attend in you live or work in and around Kingston. I’m told that there should be free wifi available so I’ll be tweeting up a storm during the event and then posting the full recap aftewards. See you there.

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Hi5 to @9970000 (Don Giovanni) for tweeting the info and flyer and follow and tweet @filmjamaica for more info and details about the event.


2 thoughts on “Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival

  1. would you please find out what they have there. what are the events? reply when you find out.

  2. This a Trinidadian festival that is being held outside of the twin-island republic for the first time, so that’s why you haven’t seen the festival itself promoted in Jamaica over the years…Jamaicans have participated and copped awards

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