Wretched Winter Weather

Its the middle of February; Valentines Day is gone (not that it mattered) and its less than a month until my birthday. I’m going through the motions of my classes (the highlight of my days) after waking up on a cold morning and needing to defrost my car with a large bottle of hot water before I can start my day. For those who follow my tweets, they should be tired of me complaining about the winter weather in Japan and more so on my small island where I swear the phrase “change like the weather” was coined.

Wretched Winter Weather

Winter Weather

It’s not even lunchtime yet and I’ve already experienced snow, howling winds, bright sunlight, hail, heavy rain and dark clouds in multiple servings over the past few hours. One minute I was in a class reading about “The Dolphin Tale” with my students wondering if that howling sound is really the wind then by the time I am walking back to the staff room I am marvelling at the blue sky and rural countryside views. Then by the time I am making a cup of tea its the pitter-patter of balls of ice as they bounce off the windows which soon turn to a torrential downpour before I get back to my desk. Wretched winter weather.

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I’m not complaining, but boy do I miss Jamaica’s predictable weather; bright sunshine with afternoon showers is the forecast 90 percent of the time and when the weather will really get bad because of a storm we usually know a week in advance if it’s worth paying attention to. https://australiacasinoonline.com/5-dollars-minimum-deposit-casinos-australia/ I’m definitely solar-powered and the changing weather has more of an effect on my mood and feelings that I want to admit to those around me. Pardon me while I γŒγΎγ‚“γ™γ‚‹; I miss Jamaica – No need to wear 3 shirts and a jacket or to give my car warm showers.

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