Happy Birthday to me ^_^

Today is my birthday and I have been having a great day so far. I have received quite a few gifts from friends and I suspect my mom and sister are up to something as they quickly left the house as soon as I woke up and have not returned since. I have been also receiving an overwhelming amount of phone calls, text messages and emails from friends and I am in a great mood.

I am not a fussy person so a quite laid back day at home relaxing on my birthday is fine by me, I will be going out to watch a movie at the theatre later, I just hope something is there worth watching. Who wants t guess or check through my blog for hints and post in a comment how old I am today?


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me ^_^

  1. I know u was entertained by me singing over the phone to u lol hhmmm I’d say ur in ya ripe 20s, how bout dat lol

    Happy Birthday Sir!!

  2. mi raah, mi never know u were so popular! Ok a lie dat still. Hope u got all u wanted. Duh we know ur only a young pup that go on like ur 25…so easy urself.

  3. thanks everyone!!!!!!!

    Weronika got it right but good effort Shay!

    @ Olivia, you need to wake me up with your singing more often ;)

    @ Gordon…yes it’s good being evil…you should try it sometime :P

    @ Contamination….you are as young as you feel! :P

  4. Happy Belated Birthday dude! You should get Bleach for DS. It looks sick! I might just get a DS just to play it.

  5. Ack, I’m late! Sorry!!

    Happy late Birthday!….grandpa XD

    Just kidding, just kidding…maybe.

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