Windows Vista released worldwide today

Vista in various forms has been floating around for about a year now, but today is the day when it is released worldwide to consumers. Vista promises lots of enhancements and upgrades for customers but Microsoft better deliver well this time around after a up and down battle with Windows XP which many believe is just now becoming a secure reliable operating system.

Personally I am excited by the prospects of Vista and as a techie I have already taken various versions of it out for a spin but personally I am not sure I will purchase my own copy of vista just yet as I am not much of an early adapter, plus my home PC is not quite compatible right now and leads a us$500 overall to get the stuff I need to be comfortable seeing that it is mostly used for gaming.

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I am guessing that after 3-6 months I will eventually buy vista and by then the updates, drivers and games should be somewhat steady and Supreme Commander is the only vista compatable game that I am looking forward to within that timeframe so I think I am good to go around summer time.

Check out Microsoft’s Vista Hompage and Wikipedia for detailed info on the new features and functions of Vista

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